Bed & Breakfast and Small Lodging Web Design Pricing

Innkeeper Resources has designed, hosted and photographed lodging properties since 1996. We honestly consider our relationship with clients as a partnership. Our objective is to provide "to good to be true' service that goes the extra mile.

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During these difficult economic times we understand the dilemma small innkeepers face. In order to stay competitive it is vital to have an attractive, informative and current web site. If your web site is more than five years old you are likely loosing valuable customers. However, with standard design rates starting at $1,000 and going up from there, it may take too long to recover the investment.

To assist our customers we have implemented a zero interest installment plan that allows you to take advantage of the benefits of current web trends, while allowing you a more flexible budgeting option. With just a few additional reservations per month the new design will pay for itself in the first year! We've included a sample of our standard web design package below.

Contact us for a free consultation with a guaranteed price quote. Should you need clarification on any point, please contact us at 1(888)201-9743.

PREMIUM PACKAGE Sample Features 1 Year
30 Hours Web Design(2) $1,950.00
mobile web design(6) 325.00
Web Hosting(1) 299.50
Domain Registration/Renewal 19.95
Total Value 2594.45
Total less 10% deposit 2335.00

Monthly Payment (0 interest)

$ 194.58
Recommended Add-ons per month
Overnight Photography
10 hours(3)
Google pay-per-click(4) 10.00
Yahoo pay-per-click(4) 10.00
MVI Travel Directory Upgrade 2.08

PREMIUM PACKAGE - Monthly Grand Total w/Add-ons

$ 270.83

STANDARD PACKAGE Sample Features 1 Year
Web Hosting(1) $ 299.50
20 Hours web design(2) 1,300.00
Domain Registration/Renewal 19.95
Total Value 1619.45
Total less 10% deposit 1457.51

Monthly Payment (0 interest)

$ 121.46

Recommended Add-ons per month
Photography 5 hours(3) $ 27.08
Google pay-per-click(4) 10.00
Yahoo pay-per-click(4) 10.00
MVI Travel Directory Upgrade 2.08

STANDARD PACKAGE - Monthly Grand Total w/Add-ons

$ 170.62
Savings for Sample Package  
MVI Travel Directory Listing $50.00
30 minutes revisions per month(5) 390.00
Total Annual Savings $440.00

(1) After contract end, package reverts to web hosting at $299.95 per year, $19.95 per year for domain renewal, plus any additional recommended add-ons. Other hosting packages are available after initial contract.

(2) Design time of 20 hours typically includes a standard four page web site with one online form and one flash slide show; 30 hours includes 6-8 pages, multiple flash slide shows, implementing virtual tours. Additional features will increase design time. A guaranteed estimate will be done at the time of initial consultation.

(3) Photography time includes photo editing as necessary; Travel expenses are not included. Mileage charges are based on government standards. Ask for a guaranteed price quote.

(4) Pay-per-click amounts vary depending on your level of competition and how aggressively you advertise. This estimate is for them minimum allowed for each service if paid via our business account with each service.

(5)Revisions are limited to 30 minutes per month and are non-cumulative. This provision is for minor revisions, i.e. photo changes, updates to activity calendar, minor text changes. Monthly revision time is not intended for new design work. Any revisions that cannot be completed during the current month will be held over to the next month, or charged at our hourly rate upon your approval.
Mobile web site is a special formatted design which allow information to be accessed via cell phone or PDA. Standard websites do not function properly. Important pages of your site will be streamlined and a mobile link will be added to your site to allow access to PDA.

Important Details
To protect our labor and investment, Innkeeper Resources retains ownership of the web content and photography until contract is paid in full. Once paid in full the customer will retain all rights to the web site and photography.

All contract design packages must be hosted with Innkeeper Resources until the end of the contract. The customer can cancel anytime after first 6 months with Innkeeper Resources retaining ownership of website and content. In the case of early cancellation the customer must purchase their domain at $19.95 to retain ownership.

There is no penalty for early pay-off, providing full contract price is paid in full.

Web Design Services

Our standard web design and re-design billing rate is $65.00 per hour.
Standard web sites for small inns take an average of 20 hours of design time and include four pages, one online form, and a slide show.

Photography services are billed at our hourly rate of $65.00 per hour.
There is a minimum block of five hours for initial photography projects. Extra blocks of time can be scheduled for updates, i.e. change of seasons or decor.